This is a tonic for any body aching for a little self-indulgence and a boost of deep hydration. It is laced with delicate floral notes, packed with nourishing oils and moisturising wild rosehips. On top of that, this skin-softening, intensely hydrating power baby is armed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to protect against free-radical damage and fight those telltale signs of ageing.


Smooth My Edges Nourishing Body Lotion has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the COSMOS Organic Label and the Vegan Trademark.

This is how you do it

Massage generously all over cleansed damp skin, or rush straight to the rescue of dry and scaly shins, knees and elbows thirsty for attention. 

Go for the perfect post-shower experience and mix with a dash of Dazzle Me Revitalizing Body Oil for ultimate hydration. 


Recycling is one of the most effective ways to save natural resources. When it comes to our packaging, we make sure as much as possible has a past. We hope you’ll help us give it a future, too. Not sure how? Check out our afterlife guide.

Smooth My Edges Nourishing Body Lotion FAQ 

Can I use Smooth My Edges Nuorishing Body Lotion on my face?

Putting body lotion on your face once or twice probably won't cause any trouble or do major harm. All the same, our body lotion isn’t meant for facial skin (which is thinner than the skin on your gorgeous body), so it could make some skin concerns worse. We therefore recommend using a product specifically formulated for your face. Defend My Glory Firming Face Cream would be an excellent choice, if you ask us.

Lotion, cream, oil. What’s the difference?

Lotions and creams hydrate your skin. The main difference between the two is that lotion has a high percentage of water, while cream has a high percentage of oil. Therefore, creams have a thicker consistency than lotion. Oils, on the other hand, retain moisture. To be specific: oils create a physical barrier on the outer layer of your skin that helps seal in moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss. 

When should I apply my body lotion?

There is no recommended timing for body lotion application. You can use your lotion any time, but clean, moist and warm skin (as in post-shower skin) is the best canvas for maximum benefit.

Can I use it on my children?

Of course you can! This formula carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and is so gentle everyone can use it. It contains no substances at all suspected of being endocrine disruptors, it contains only mild preservatives and we have added just a hint of natural perfume (excluding, of course, the 26 fragrance allergens that the EU recommends avoiding). 

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