Prepare yourself for a reviving drizzle. Infused with star ingredients hyaluronic acid and white butterfly ginger-lily extract, these weightless drops serve as an extraordinary line of defence. They bring multi-protection to the skin against blue light and skin-damaging free-radicals, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and deliver an instant boost of hydration and glow for that extra pick-me-up.


Pick Me Up Hydrating Facial Mist has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the COSMOS Organic Label and the Vegan Trademark.

This is how you do it

Reach for your mist as part of your cleansing routine, keep it on your desk for a midday freshen-up, pack it in your carry-on for mid-flight touch-ups, use it to fix your make-up, or whenever your face needs a gentle wake-up call. Simply close your eyes and spritz liberally across your face from your preferred distance.

For a refreshingly cool sensation, store your mist in the refrigerator.


Recycling is one of the most effective ways to save natural resources. When it comes to our packaging, we make sure as much as possible has a past. We hope you’ll help us give it a future, too. Not sure how? Check out our afterlife guide.

Pick Me Up Hydrating Facial Mist FAQ

Why is this mist a game-changer? 

Because it is an easy-to-use multi-tasker that works with every skin type and for every occasion. A quick spritz and you can fight dehydration, brighten a dull complexion, revitalise tired skin, prep your face for make-up, protect yourself from blue light and radicals, and help fight those fine lines.

Can I use Pick Me Up Hydrating Facial Mist on my body?                                                                                                                                                                 

Biensûr! Don’t hold back!

Mist or toner – what’s the difference?

Toners are astringents that cleanse the skin and prepare it for other skincare products, whereas mists usually include ingredients that hydrate, nourish and revitalise the skin. Also, while a toner is applied after cleansing the face, a mist can be used any time of the day. To conclude: mists and toners serve different purposes, so it’s not really an either-or situation. 

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